Choose the most reliable GPS vehicle tracking device for your business

Fleet Managers can track any vehicle anywhere, tell how long the vehicle remained at any given destination, monitor the vehicle's speed and provide details of suspicious vehicle activities. The Track Stick fleet tracker:

  • Records months of travel histories
  • Provides route verification
  • Delivery Time validation
  • Monitors delays, stops and speed
  • Fits covertly for tracking suspicious movement.
  • If disconnected an internal time stamps the interruption
  • Validates overtime claims
  • Encourages employees to stay on designated routes
  • Saves on vehicle/car fuel and wear and tear

Trackstick Pro integrates directly into Google Earth. This state of the art GPS vehicle tracking device can also plot data on conventional street mapping, which is particularly useful for tracking local town deliveries or appointments.
It is programmed to store on its 4-megabit flash memory the date, time, location, temperature, altitude and speed of the vehicle or person of interest at intervals set by the user. The recording interval can be set to'poll' every five seconds or from one minute up to15 minutes, depending on the length of the journey or how closely you want the said car or individual monitored.
When the memory is full, the Trackstick Pro GPS vehicle tracking device operates a "first in, first out" memory map that allows it to continue recording new location details after deleting the oldest stored location history.
Once drivers realise their movements and car is being monitored, they are likely to stick designated tasks, for fear of being caught out.



Personal & Business

Personal business and Sporting - If you're often on the road and clocking in the hours, the Trackstick Pro is a godsend for you and your accountant.

The Trackstick fleet tracker records historical mileage which can assist the individual to differentiate between business and private usage for tax and employment purposes.

Families also find it useful in monitoring teenagers and importantly their driving habits.
Spousal Surveillance - should you wish to confirm your suspicions about a cheating spouse, Trackstick can verify both location/s and time.

Trainee Pilots and Radio Control ‘Modelers' found the device invaluable as Trackstick reports altitude as well as speed, time and heading.

There are no monthly costs involved to use this passive tracking device. The included free software integrates with Google Earth and most other third-party mapping programs and online services. High resolution 3D mapping and satellite imaging allow you to follow the Track Stick's every move just about anywhere on the planet.

  • Trip planning and recording
  • Geo-caching and treasure hunting
  • Off-road site mapping
  • Family driving habits
  • Photo Geo-tagging using software like WWMX that matches the time/date stamp on a photo to a GPS track to ascertain where the photo was taken.
  • Farmers - track animal feeding patterns
  • Sporting activities
  • Motor Sport - Rally mapping and ‘fly over' familiarization of special stages using Google Earth
  • Triathlon - log all routes and training schedules
  • Pilots - Log all flights including altitude

Commercial & Equipment

Squeeze every ounce of productivity out of every piece of gear on site! Avoid unplanned delays that rob you of production, uptime scheduling and profits. With the fleet tracker Track Stick you can monitor"

  • Monitor when vehicles arrive and leave sites
  • Monitor travelling speeds of vehicles
  • Monitor time spent on jobs
  • Mobile Plant maintenance scheduling
  • Rental Usage data
  • Job site mapping
  • Location Surveying
  • Contractors
  • Taxi owners and private charter buses
  • Log Individual visit charges
  • Log mileage
  • Plan visits based on optimum travel routes
  • Establish areas for all operators based on customer demographics


Government Departments - The perfect logistical tool for intelligence gathering and asset tracking

  • National Security
  • Defence (troop deployment and intelligence gathering)
  • Asset tracking
  • Disaster relief efforts
  • Surveying disaster designated areas
  • Evacuation and Route planning
  • Search and Rescue Police vehicle movements and Ambulance tracking
  • Public transportation
  • Local and Federal Government vehicles
  • Street cleaning and other public utility vehicle monitoring


Emergency Service

Trackstick joins Google Earth and Google Inc in providing Government agencies the tools to help manage and deploy asset and geographical data during times of emergency.

  • Search and Rescue area mapping
  • Evacuation route planning
  • Disaster site Surveying and mapping
  • Vehicle logistics Operator logistics
  • Sew the Trackstick into the collars of search and rescue dogs, to see which areas they've covered.

The Trackstick fleet tracker can do the job of passive tracking more cheaply, better, and more reliably than cell phones. While it cannot be used for real-time tracking, it does not rely on cell towers, which might be down during an emergency. If widely deployed, during large-scale emergencies, such as Hurricanes and bush fires etc, would allow Government agencies and private companies to map the location of crews, vehicles, supplies, etc., by frequently downloading data from the Trackstick devices. This assumption requires computers to down load the data, and an Internet connection, to upload it to a command or dispatch center. However, in a disaster, neither may be available. This is where Google is invaluable.
We understand that what Google is looking to do is provide kiosks in key areas. They would set them up, provide the database, and use their Google Enterprise servers, which allow physical interrogation of the machines. ... So, imagine if the SES had 1,000 vehicles out there and every one of them was in a database: you could tie specific information into a Google search appliance and find things like all the emergency trucks that contain specific rescue equipment or survival products. Location data needs to be accurate and with Trackstick mounted on the side of each vehicle data can be downloaded in the command centre at the end of the day and reviewed. A semi-real time overview of what's going on in the field is achieved for subsequent operations. And that's a thousand times better than what exists, based on previous Australian disasters. Tracksticks can also be used to monitor the time it takes rescue vehicles to respond to emergency calls.




Spousal Surveillance

Investigating a cheating spouse is a delicate matter.

Big Decision: If you need to confirm your suspicions about a cheating spouse or you already know what they are up to but need some independent evidence, the Trackstick Mini is an ideal low cost device that can be used covertly to establish the proof you are seeking.

One of the most important things to do is make the following decision ahead of time:

What do I need to find out? Am I looking for evidence of infidelity or to prove my estranged partner is not adequately caring for my children. Perhaps your estranged partner is working for cash in hand whilst not declaring income and avoiding payment of child support in line with Family Court orders.

Private Investigators charge by the hour. Often the Surveillance can cost more than ten times the cost of deploying a Trackstick device.

Being Discreet: The majority of cheaters are well aware of the potential for someone to be watching them. Cheating feels risky and exciting and watching over your shoulder is part of what all cheaters seem to do. Sometimes, the cheater is involved with someone else who is cheating making matters worse and surveillance more difficult. The Trackstick Mini, covertly deployed, can provide compelling evidence to bring matters to a head.

Trackstick: For those people looking for proof or who just want to know the truth and not necessarily providing evidence for court, the surveillance can be easier and more cheaply accomplished using the Trackstick Mini’s data stream report. The device can provide valuable movement times, dates and durations of visits, all visually displayed using free Google Maps Investigators use Trackstick to verify and corroborate their own surveillance notes and times charged.

Corporate Surveillance 

Corporate theft: Workplace theft cost Australian businesses over 6 billion dollars in 2005. Much of this theft is carried out by trusted employees and much of the theft occurs when product is being distributed. Many employees have been found to be in areas that they are not required to be in and many are involved in systematic theft of their employers product. Until Trackstick, an employees movements have been difficult to monitor or verify. Theft of time is the greatest loss of all to industry, even greater than product, however because time is generally difficult to monitor and confirm and convert into dollar terms its generally not detected. Now, with Trackstick you can gather this evidence to detect anomalies and then act upon this data with further investigation. (Some States have legislation that requires a court authority to track an employee/vehicle)


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